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This page contains change and release notes for versions of Rad Upload (from 1.00 to 1.31). This information is provided for historical purposes. The most recent version of Rad Upload is 4.12, and it's release notes are available here..

Change Notes for Rad Upload 1.31

The most recent version is 4.12 The Lite Edition is available for free download

Feature Enhancements
Filename Encoding.

Though older versions of the PHP engine did allow access to the full pathname of each uploaded file, recent versions strip out this information. This can be rather inconvenient when handling recursive directory upload.

The new feature gives you the option of encoding the name of each file, thereby preventing the PHP engine from stripping this information. The names can be easily decoded by calling the urldecode() function.

Though this function is most usefull when used with PHP it can be usefull with other scripting languages as well if the filenames contain special characters. Please note that this feature has no effect when Rad Upload is being used in FTP mode

Display an encrypted page as the welcome message.

Since introducing SSL support in 1.30, we have had several requests to change the behavior of the message property of the applet. Many users wanted to specify an HTTPS URL instead of an HTTP URL as the welcome message displayed in the applet when it starts up. This feature request for enhancements has been accommodated in version 1.31

Bug Fixes
SSL and proxies

With the previous version, some users encountered difficulties if a secure connection was being tunnelled through a proxy server. This issue was most noticeable by those using the Safari Browser. This issue has been solved by improvements to the proxy detection code of the applet

Other Changes

In order to keep abreast of changes to popular linux desktops, the handling of the copy and paste sequence of events has been changed.

Change Notes for Rad Upload 1.30

Feature Enhancements
Encrypt your file upload. Now you can make use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security protocols (TLS) to encrypt your files while in transit. (To make use of this feature your server needs to support HTTPS.)

Change Notes for version 1.22

Feature Enhancements
Recursive folder upload handling has been made easier. Version 1.22 of the applet will pass an additional parameter to the server side handler, which is usefull if you wish to recreate the user's folder tree on the server. This extra parameter contains the pathname of the folder in which the drag and drop operation appears to have originated.
Though this information wasn't explicitly made available in previous versions it could still be deduced from analyzing the full path names of the files that have been uploaded. The new version eliminates the need for this extra effort.

Change Notes for Rad Upload 1.21

Version 1.21 addresses some issues related to the use of this software in FTP mode. If you only use it in HTTP mode (as does the majority of our users) you do not need to install this new version.

Bug Fixes
Compatible with a wider range of FTP servers on the windows platform.

Though previous versions performed well when uploading to the IIS FTP server, there were certain issues with several third party FTP servers used on the windows operating system. The new releases is works well with several such servers tested.

Corrupted uploads (FreeBSD only)
When binary files were transferred to servers on freeBSD servers they were found to be corrupted in transit. This issue has now been resolved.

Change Notes for Rad Upload 1.20

Rad Upload is a Java Drag and Drop file uploader for web sites and applications

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Mac OS X Support
The most requested feature is finally available. Rad Upload can now be used with the Safari Browser on the Mac OS X platform and the Mac Run Time for java.
Feature Enhancements
Target attribute
Both the welcome message and the response page can contain HTML links. When the users clicks on these links the applet will now open them in the browser window specified by the target attribute of the link.
Zero (0) means unlimited
With the latest versions of the advanced edition, a value of 0 can be used to allow files of unlimited size to be uploaded - subject to server and bandwidth limitations.
Bug Fixes
FTP Banners are better handled
When uploading to some FTP servers that displayed a 'banner' the applet was seen to misbehave in previous versions. This issue has now been resolved.
Better handling of lost connection
The behavior of the applet when a network error occurs has been changed. Fewer error dialogs are displayed and these are more meaningfull than in previous versions.
Random Headers problem (windows webservers only)
One some rare instances when uploading to IIS web servers the HTTP response headers would show up along with the HTML response. This appeared to be random behavior and not easy reproduce. The cause has been identified and fixed.
Other Improvements
Frames vs Dialogs (windows only)
The progress monitor now appears in it's own frame, allowing the user to minimize it. When minimized the progress indicator will appear on the taskbar, which makes the progress bar easier to find when several applications are competing for desktop space.

In previous versions a single pixel margin was left between the applet's outer border and the HTML displayed within to improve the visual appearance. This margin which was embedded in the java coding has now been removed and instead an HTML style has been used to reproduce the same effect.

This change gives you greater control of the appearance of both the welcome page and the upload response page.

Special Note on Rad Upload 1.19 Release 2

The release of version 1.19 sees improvements to how filenames are passed to the server. Since then we have had a few requests for better control over how filenames are sent. While some users wanted full path names others insisted that it is a bad thing.

Thus we have introduced two new parameters full_path and translate_path. Since these changes are not significant enough to warrant a new version number we have decided to call the new release as Rad Upload 1.19 release 2

more details about these parameters are available in the on line documentation. Both parameters have default values and unless you specifically change them the default values would cause the second release (1.19 rel 2) to behave exactly as the same way as the first release did

Change Notes for Version 1.19

Feature Enhancements
Enhanced FTP Support:

When files are transferred over FTP, a formatted listing of the FTP server's incoming directory is displayed. Previous versions were limited to a plain text message indicating success or failure.

FTP can now operate in both active and passive mode (configurable via the ftp_mode parameter), with the passive being the default mode.

Copy and Paste
It's now possible to up load files using the familiar Copy and Paste (ctrl - C, ctrl - V) mechanism. This feature also makes it possible to use the applet with linux based browsers.
Links are clickable
The server response page and the welcome message are both displayed with in the applet box. In previous versions links with in the applet area were not clickable. With version 1.19 when the user clicks on these links the corresponding web page will be loaded.
Bug Fixes

When recursively uploading folders over HTTP it was reported that some files went missing. In actual fact these files were being uploaded but an error in the headers being sent resulted in their not being parsed correctly by the handler. This error has now been fixed.

Change Notes for Rad Upload 1.11

Feature Enhancements

The applet can now be configured to a display a web page as the welcome message in the drop target. Previous versions were limited to a simple text message. The URL to be displayed can be specified via the message parameter. The applet is however not designed to contain complex DHTML, javascripts or other applets

Bug Fixes

On some instances incorrect handling of 'chunked' transfer encoding lead to the applet displaying a blank after successfull HTTP file upload. This error was most noticed on IIS based servers and some instances of apache on linux.

Rad Upload Version 1.10

All updates released with in one year from your date of purchase can be downloaded free of charge

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Feature Enhancements

FTP upload support has been added. You can now specify a folder on an FTP server as the destination.

Please note that FTP support in Rad Upload is different from Rad SFTP. In Rad SFTP secure FTP is being used. If you need the data to be transfered over a secure pipeline please use Rad SFTP.

Rad Upload Lite
The free version of the drag and drop uploader also includes FTP support. The HTML response page seen on the standard and pro editions is now available in the Lite edition as well.
Bug Fixes

A minor bug prevented the additional parameters as well as the session identifier being passed on to the destination url on IIS web severs. This issue has been resolved with version 1.00 release 2 and has been fully integrated into Version 1.10.

A bug caused recursive directory uploads to fail randomly on windows based servers. This issue has been resolved with version 1.00 release 2 and has been fully integrated into Version 1.10

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