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Rad Upload is equipped with four different progress monitors. Calculations for updating the progress bar is done at the client side which ensure that an unwanted burden is not placed on the server. The monitor can be embedded inside the applet area or it can sit inside a small window of it's own.

Switching between monitors

The monitor.type property tells the applet which progress monitor should be used. The possibilties are described below

Standard Monitor

If you do not explicitly asign a value for the monitor.type property the default will be used. You can force it's usage by using the value 'standard'

Usage:  <param name="monitor.type" value = "standard">

Thumbnail display

It is possible to display a thumbnail image of the file that is being transferred by choosing the value of 'thumbnails' for this setting.

Usage:  <param name="monitor.type" value = "standard">

Thumbnail display

The compact monitor is better suited to be embedded into the applet area instead of appearing in a separate window. It's size has been kept small to maximize the use of space on your webpage.

If you merely wish to display a progress bar without too much of details, this is the monitor to choose. simple

Embedded vs Popup

The website owner can determine whether the progress monitor should appear as a small window of it's own or whether it should be placed with in the applet area (without popping up). Our uploader is capable of carrying out several concurrent data transfers. However if you embed the monitor the applet will stop responding to any other drag and drop event hen an upload is in proress. Thus, it is an effective way of making the uploader a single threaded one.


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