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The Problem

With an HTML form based file upload when a transfer is interrupted for whatever reason all the data uploaded till that point will usually be lost. Thus if you are sending a 2GB file and suffer a network failure after 1.9GB has been sent, you will need to resend the whole file again rather than the remaining 100MB.

The situation is no better if you are transferring a collection of small files instead of one large file. Suppose there is a server side error afer 2400 files out of 2500 have been sent. You will unfortunately need to resend all those 2400 files before you can send the 100 that weren't transmitted. This is because RFC 1867; the standard that governs HTTP file uploads says all the files should be combined together into a single HTTP post. Most server side upload handler will discard any data that is posted to it unless all the data is recieved.

The Solution.

Use Rad Upload Plus, it's resumable upload feature allows you to always transfer just the remainder of the data from any interupted transfer. You do not need to resend all the data. The applet will just start off from where it left off.

With the above scenarios, if you suffer a network error after 1.9GB is transferred you only need to send the last 100MB (when you are using Rad Upload Plus). Similarly if an error occurs after 2425 files have been sent, you only need to send the last 75.

Handling Very Large Files.

The design of the resumable upload feature also makes it possible to upload very large files almost regardless of the server configurations or limitations.


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