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Customize the messages displayed by Rad Upload

All editions of Rad Upload allow you to customize the welcome message and the file upload response displayed by the applet. You can point the message parameter of the applet to a web page of your choice and it's contents will be displayed with in the applet when it starts up. In our online demo it points to

With HTTP upload, the applet box will display the output produced by your server side handler on successfull completion. Since this is once again a web page you have the freedom to completely change it's appearance. If you are using the applet in FTP mode, the response displayed will be the listing of the target directory on your server. You can still change it's color scheme, font etc by changing the stylesheet associated with the listing.

The Plus and Standard editions allows you to redirect to another URL after upload has been completed, a feature that is very usefull if you are using the applet in FTP mode and would like to transfer control back to your web application when the transfer is complete.

You also have the option of changing some of the other messages displayed by the applet at various times. In all these cases you can choose to display the message in the form of a dialog box (pop up) or with in the applet box itself. If you choose to display a pop up dialog box it will not be blocked by javascript popup blockers since it is a Java dialog and not a javascript dialog. The details are given below;


Displayed when the user attempts to upload a file that is not acceptable.
Default: "Some of the files that you are attempting to upload are not acceptable".


If the user refuses to grant permissions to the applet this message will be displayed.
Default: "Permission to upload files denied, cannot continue"


Displayed when the applet is configured to work in single file mode.
Default: "Rad Upload is currently configured to operate in bachelor mode"


As the name suggests this is the message that is displayed when the total file size exceeds the value that has been set for max_upload.
Default: "Maximum upload size exceeded"

When any of the above settings point to a url, the applet will load the web page with in the applet area. If you enter a simple text a dialog with the specified text will be shown.

Also see: Summary of Features. and the Getting Started Guide.


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