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Uploading very large files and Resuming an Interrupted Upload

How It Works.

When operating in resumable mode Rad Upload Plus does not combine all the files together into a single message body as dictated by RFC 1867. Basicly RFC 1867 says that regardless of the number of files there is only one HTTP POST to the server. This specification which governs 'form based file upload' is obeyed by Rad Upload when it operates in 'standard mode'. However when operating in resumable mode, the applet makes multiple HTTP POSTs with each post containing only part of a file.

A special upload handler on the server side combines all the pieces together and reassembles the files. If RFC 1867 uploads if the transfer is interrupted all the data uploaded upto that point will usually be discarded. That is because most server side technologies are not geared to process the message body unless all the data is available. In contrast with Rad Upload Plus if the transfer is interrupted only one small amount of data (usually just a few hundred kilo bytes) will be discarded. All previously uploaded pieces will survive on the server.

This uploading by pieces approach also makes it possible to transfer huge files with out having to tweak server settings. That is because most servers and server side technologies (eg PHP) have limitations on the size of an HTTP message body. Sending a single large file or a large collection of files will usually exceed such limits. But when you send files one piece at a time, such limits will not be exceeded.

Usage and Configuration

To put the applet into resumable mode, please use the 'resume' setting. If you are storing your configuration directives in the radupload_properties.txt file, please add the following line to it:

If you are embedding configuration directives onto the web page that holds the applet, please use the following bit of HTML:
<param name='resume' value='yes' >

The next step is to change or set the url parameter to point to your server side upload handler. In standard mode, you can use your own upload handler instead of the one included in the download. However in resume mode, one of the included handlers (eg resume.jsp or resume.php) must be used. You an however edit those handler to completely change it's appearence or add functionality. You must then edit the chosen handler to set the path where uploaded files should be saved to. When you are ready type in the url into the browser. If you see any error (most likely related to choice of the 'save path'), please rectify them and view again in the browser.

If the server side handler does not produce any error message you can load the applet in the browser and carry out an upload. All this of course is transparent to the end user.


In order to use the resumable HTTP upload feature, you need to have a webserver with one of PHP, Perl or Java installed. You need to be familiar with one these technologies (please examine the server side handlers before you download Rad Upload Plus). More specifically the web. Last but not least please make sure you have sufficient disk space on the server to save the files as they are being uploaded.


Though much of the discussion above relates HTTP upload, you can use FTP as well. Resume mode is available provided your FTP server supports it. To use FTP simply use an FTP URL instead of pointing the url parameter to the upload handler. Please refer to the documentation for mode details.


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