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Scale images before they are uploaded, to save your bandwidth and take a load off your server's processor.

The problem.

Many web applications such as those employed by studios allow their customers to upload images for processing or for online storage. Often the need arises for these images to be scaled to a specific size. The images are then resized using server side image processing libraries - a practice that consumes considerable amounts of processor time and memory especially on large websites. Since larger images have larger file size more bandwith will be consumed when such images are uploaded.

The solution

A better approach, one that would save your bandwidth and consume less processor time and memory on your server is to resize the images before they are uploaded. Rad Upload and Rad Upload Plus are capable of doing just that.

Scaling images on the client's computer means you can serve a larger number of users with available resources including bandwidth. Most of all you do not need to write any complicated image resize scripts. Our applet can process several file types and scale them to a specified size. Since the applet's configuration can be changed dynamically, you can even change the scale factor dynamically for different users.

Even entire folder trees of photos can be resized and uploaded in this manner. The resized image is always saved as a temporary file and the original photo is left unchanged. Once the upload is completed the temporary file is deleted.

When images are being uploaded the applet can be configured to generate and display a thumbnail in the progress bar. Please see the advanced settings page for details.


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