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Using The Advanced Features of Rad Upload Plus

Rad Upload Plus has the same basic configurations as the free and standard editions. (These basic settings are described elsewhere). The additional features of the Plus edition, including the ability to resize images as they are being uploaded can be controlled with the radupload_properties.txt file.


Learn more about: dynamic image scaling
customizing the applet's response


Impose a limit on the size of each file. This is a per file limit and the value is in kilobytes. If this property is not set, the sum of the file sizes will be tested against the value in max_upload. The value chosen for max_file should not be less than the value for max_upload.


If you want to accept only certain file types enter their extensions as a comma separated list. If this property is not set all file types will be allowed. This feature should only be used to save bandwidth and not for security since the applet only checks the file extension, it does not examine the file's contents to determine it's mime type. You are encouraged to carry out similar filtering at the server side for maximum security. Please see the sample scripts provided.


If you use the 'allow_types' filter, you can use the filter_action setting to control what action the applet will take when it encounters an unwanted file type. If filter_action=reject (default), the applet will refuse to continue and display the reject_message. If you set this to ignore, the applet will silently ignore the unwanted files and transfer the rest


This message will be displayed when the allow_types property is set and the user selects a file that is unacceptable. It can either be a plain text message or a URL. If you define a URL, the web page will be displayed in the applet.


Switch to single file mode and disable recursive folder and multiple file upload.


If more than one file is dropped into the applet, when it this is the message that will be displayed

Appearance and Messages



Applet Configuration

Parameter Passing

Change Notes


Session Handling

If this property is set, the applet will attempt to display a thumbnail of each image (in the progress indicator) as it is being uploaded.


When this property is set, clicking on an empty area of the applet will bring up a file selection dialog. In other words the entire applet acts as a browse button. Clicking on any links that are displayed in the applet will still result in the link being visited.


Display a browse button instead of making the entire applet act as a browse button. Only takes effect if the browser property is set.


If the user refuses to grant permissions to the applet to access the file system, this message will be displayed.


Once the data transfer is completed, the applet or the browser will be redirected to the specified url by this parameter. If it is undefined the server's response will be displayed in the file drop area.


If you enter a url for external_redir, you can enter a target for the webpage as the setting for external_target. It can be a name of a frame or predefined name such as _top, _blank etc (please refer to the html manual).


Wait this many milli seconds before loading the url specified in external_redir. Has no effect if the above property is undefined. Default value is 1000ms or 1 second

Image Manipulation


When set the applet will attempt to scale the images to fit the sizes defined in the img_max_width and img_max_height properties below. The original aspect ratio will be maintained. If you switch this on, a value must be specified for one of img_max_width or img_max_height


When scale_images property is set the applet will resize each image so that it's width is not more than the img_max_width (in pixels)


The image will be resized so that it's height is no more than img_max_height (in pixels)



You can gzip compress the files as they are uploaded by setting this property to 'yes'. This feature cannot be used with the image resize feature.

Javascript Notification


Once the file transfer is completed you can fire of a Javascript notification by enabling the jsnotify property.

Form Data


The applet can be embedded into an HTML form so that the contents of the form fields are included in the HTTP POST that is sent to the server. In order to make use of this feature you need to switch on the 'drop now upload later' property by enabling the queue setting.

When used in this mode, the applet has a right click pop up menu. The menu can be used to remove files from the que and to start the upload.


The exact behaviour of the send_button property is dependent on the the queue, and the browse_button properties. It's value can be 'yes' or 'no' but it would not have any effect unless the applet is operating in que and upload mode (queue=yes).


If the browse button is being displayed, the send button will be displayed along side it. If you don't want the send button to appear at all, you can switch it off by asigning a value of no. This will mean that the only way to start the upload is by using the right click popup menu

With Rad Upload Plus, all the configuration settings can be placed with in the radupload_properties.txt file (which is the applet configuration file). You can pass in configuraion settings using the HTML param tag as well.
Example: <param name="jsnotify" value="yes">

Learn more about the image upload capabilities of the applet or how to change some it's messages. Additional information all these settings can be found in the radupload_properties.txt file included in your download.

Read the Q&A on these settings

See a sample configuration file


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