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Using Rad Upload with FTP in place of HTTP

Rad Upload

Frequently Asked Questions

Developer FAQ

PHP Upload Configuration


Rad Upload is capable of transferring files either to a web or FTP server. Both active and passive modes are supported and the applet is compatible with a wide range of FTP servers. You might want to choose FTP instead of HTTP if you are transferring a small number of large files.

The File Transfer Protocol has several advantages and disadvantages over HTTP. One of it's weakest points is security. Despite the misleading names of some FTP servers, the protocol itself is lacking in security. If you are a security concious webmaster you will want to avoid FTP altogether and stick to HTTP uploads.

The main advantage of FTP upload is that you will be able to upload large files without any configurations changes whereas with HTTP servers the default settings may limit the maximum total file size. The File Transfer Protocol may be more preferable if you are uploading a small number of files that are large in size. Starting with version 4.0 it's possible to resume an interrupted FTP upload if your server supports this feature.

To user Rad Upload as an FTP uploader, create a URL with details of your credentials, server and the path information. Use that URL as the value for the applet's url parameter. You can choose either anonymous login or a username and password can be specified. An example might be:
url=ftp://guest:[email protected]/home/guest/

Finally please note that RadUpload is not a fully featured File Transfer Program. It's designed purely as a light weight and easy to use Drag and Drop file uploader. One of our design goals was to make sure that the end user need not bother himself over what protocols are being used. If on the other hand you are looking for a full featured web based File Transfer Program we can recommend either our Secure FTP applet (SFTP) or our FTP Applet.


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