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License FAQ

What is Rad Upload?

Rad Upload is a file uploader. It allows your customers to simply drag and drop files on to a special area on their browsers to be transferred to your server. It is also possible to start an upload by copying and pasting the files onto the applet.

You have the option of using a browse button similar to what's found in a traditional HTML form. But our browse button brings up a file chooser that you can use to select any number of directories and files

With the plus edition it is also possible to upload virtually unlimited amounts of data almost independent of the server configuration and interrupted uploads can be resumed.

Why is Rad Upload better than a HTML Uploader?

HTML uploaders are not user friendly and generally do not provide a progress indicator while the data is being transferred. Most importantly HTML forms do not provide Drag and Drop or Copy and paste support. Our product can upload entire directory trees at once.

What is Rad Upload Lite?
What are the differences between the different Editions?

The lite edition is available as a free download (Click here to download). This is suitable for personal websites or commercial web sites that need to upload files less than 1MB in size. The Standard Edition and Rad Upload Plus allows you to upload larger files and supports recursive upload of folders and subfolders

Please see features and price comparisons page for more details.

Can Rad Upload be installed on windows 95/98/me/2000/XP/Vista ?
Yes it can be. You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed. the JRE is available for free from the java website. You need version 1.4.1 or higher. If you are using IE, Mozilla or Netscape you may find that the plug in is auto installed (if you permit it) when you access our demo.
Can your applet be used on the Apple Macintosh?

Yes, it's fully compatible with the Safari and Firefox/Mozilla/Camino browsers on Mac OS X.

Is Rad Upload available for linux/solaris ?

The applet works well on all linux distributions. On some distributions you may need to have Konqueror as the file manager to be able to make use of the Drag and Drop feature. But copy and paste works well even without Konqueror. The applet can be installed on web servers running on linux.

What are the system requirements for installing the applet?

It is platform independent and can be installed on all commonly available web servers. If you are using it in HTTP mode your server will need to be configured to accept the uploaded files. If the applet is being used as an FTP uploader you will need access to an FTP server. Each license of the applet allows you to install it on any single website.

The end user (your site's visitors) will need to have the java plug in, which in turn can be made to auto-install when the applet is viewed. (Please also see next question).

Do I need to have java installed on my web server?

No. The webserver does not need to have java installed. The users of the applet will need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on their computers (please also see previous question).

Can I integrate the applet with my own applications?

A source license along with a redistribution license would allow you to integrate the Rad Upload software with your own applications.

Can I buy a source code license?
Yes. Please contact our sales team if you wish to buy the source code
Do I get discounts on upgrades?
Any upgrades released with in one year (1 year) from your purchase date will be made available free of charge. There will be discounts for updates released after this period has expired. We do not charge renewal fees on any of our products.
Does your applet work over HTTP?
Is FTP Supported?
Can I use SSL?
You can specify whether the files should be placed on a web server or FTP server. When used in HTTP mode SSL is supported.
If I obtain a license for the standard edition can I upgrade later on to the Plus Edition?
Yes you can upgrade at anytime by paying the difference between the standard and plus edition ($15.00).
Drag and Drop is fine but can I also have a browse button?
Yes. You can have browse button that will bring up an enhanced file selection dialog that you can use it to select multiple files and folder.
Do you have any other similar products?
Yes please check out the SFTP applet and stand alone client.


If your question is more technical in nature please refer the developer FAQ or the online documentation. Or just ask us.

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