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Guides and Howtos

"It is just amazing how much faster it is using RadUpload Plus compared to standard file upload, especially over slower connections."

- Jean Paul Carter
Purdue University.

Getting Started Guide

Guide to the basic configuration settings. Learn how to set the upload destination, messages, maximum file size etc.

Advanced Features

Settings for making use of the advanced features

Progress Monitors

Parameter Passing

Information on the parameters passed by the applet to the server side handler. And how to pass additional data


File upload and sessions

A brief guide on sharing session data between the applet and the server side handler.

Recursive Folder Upload

FTP Upload

Rad Upload is not just an HTTP uploader, it is capable of uploading files over FTP as well.

Large File Upload

PHP Upload configuration

Quick guide to help you configure your PHP installation for handling large files

Resume Mode

Changing the applet's appearence

Trouble Shooting Guide

Demos and Code Samples

Questions and Answers

Developer FAQ

Advanced Features FAQ

What about a browse button?

How do I save bandwidth?

Client side file compression, image resize and filtering are three ways in which Rad Upload helps you save bandwidth and helps you cut down your current operating expenditure



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