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This page contains change and release notes for versions of Rad Upload ranging from 2.00 to 2.22. This information is provided for historical purposes. The most recent version of Rad Upload is 4.12 and it's release notes are available here.

Whats new in Rad Upload 2.22

The purpose of version 2.22 is to provide a work around for bugs in the Safari browser for OS X and to counter changes in the Internet Explorer for windows.
Javascript notification in Safari.

The applet can be configured to fire off a javascript notification when file upload completes. With the Safari browser the uploadCompleted() javascript function was not been called at times. The reason was tracked down to a bug in the browser. The current version includes a work around which results which uses a different mechanism to call the uploadCompleted() method.

Internet Explorer changes

Internet Explorer has changed the way in which it activates applets and other dynamic contents. Though this change does not have any serious impact on our range of products, we have nevertheless changed the applet loading mechanism.

Whats new in version 2.21

Bug Fixes
Error in processing max_upload parameter.

It was reported that version 2.20 did not read the max_upload property at times if it was passed in as a parameter with in the web page that contains the applet. Users who encountered this problem could still enforce a client side limit by placing the max_upload parameter with in the file. The new version 2.21 fixes this issue.

Whats new in Rad Upload 2.21

Bug Fixes
Error in processing max_upload parameter.

It was reported that version 2.20 did not read the max_upload property at times if it was passed in as a parameter with in the web page that contains the applet. Users who encountered this problem could still enforce a client side limit by placing the max_upload parameter with in the file. The new version 2.21 fixes this issue.

Whats new in Rad Upload 2.20

Feature Enhancements
Javascript Events.

The new feature addition in version 2.20 is the ability to invoke a javascript method once file upload has been completed. Additionally the applet exposes two other methods which you can call from your javascripts to obtain information about the last completed transfer. More information on using this feature is available in our online documentation.

The above feature addition is available in Rad Upload Plus. The Standard and Lite Editions remain unchanged

Whats new in Rad Upload 2.11

New file selector
Feature Enhancements
A better file selection dialog.

A new addition in version 2.00 was the introduction of a browse button which made it possible to select multiple files through a file chooser dialog. This version sees the first modification to this file chooser with the ability to preview images in the current folder.

Upload with Drag and Drop and Copy/Paste remain unchanged.

Bug Fixes
The size exceeded message
The message displayed when the sum of the file sizes exceeds the max_upload value can be changed with the max_upload_message property. There were many reported cases of the applet continuing to display the default message when this property had been set. This bug has been resolved in this release.

Changes in version 2.10

Feature Enhancements
GZip Compression
We are pleased to announce that the long awaited version 2.10 is finally here and it includes the ability to Gzip compress files to save your bandwidth.
  • Thousands of files.
  • Hundreds of folders and sub folders
  • Countless megabytes
  • One simple Drag and Drop.

Whats new in Rad Upload Applet 2.04

Feature Enhancements
Improvements to client side image resizing.
This feature, which has been available since version 2.00, required that you enter a maximum height as well as a maximum width for the scaling operation. Images that are wider than the maximum width or taller than the maximum height were resized. That is left unchanged but we now give you the option of setting a limit on only the height or the width. Thus if you are unconcerned about the width of the images that are been uploaded, you would enter a value only for the img_max_height parameter. Similarly if you were unconcerned about the height you would specify a value only for img_max_width
Bug Fixes
FTP Directory listing (Windows Servers only)
Certain webservers, running on windows platforms can be configured to produce a directory listing in the Unix format. When operating in FTP mode, once up load is completed the display would change to a formatted directory listing of the destination folder. When FTP servers running on Windows platforms produced a Unix style listing previous versions of the applet refused to parse it.
Other Changes
Applet border is optional.
In previous versions the border around the applet could not be switched off, in the current version it can be switched on or off with the use of CSS.
Handling of Invalid Paths in FTP mode
When url parameter pointed to an FTP url with invalid path information, previous versions of the applet would quietly upload the files to the home directory. This behavior has been changed to issue a warning.

Whats new in Version 2.02

Feature Enhancements
The message displayed when the upload size is exceed can now be customized.
A key benefit of using Rad Upload is that the limit on the maximum size of the file upload is checked before the files are posted, saving bandwidth. In all previous versions when the user attempted to exceed this limit the applet would display a message warning the user that size has been exceed. However until version 2.02 it was not possible to customize this message. Now in version 2.02 of the Plus edition you can change this message.
Redirect after upload improvements

In the previous 2.x versions, the plus edition of the applet could be made to redirect to another web page once the upload has been completed. From the current version onwards this destination url can point to a secure web page. In other words you can now redirect to a https:// url instead of just a http:// url as in the previous version.

On a side note, the ability to use encrypt the file transfer using SSL/TLS has been a feature since version 1.30

Bug Fixes
FTP error message not displayed
When the applet is being used in FTP mode and the destination server is IIS, if the server happened to return a permission denied message the applet silently refused to upload the files without displaying this error message. The issue has been fixed in this new release.
PNGs incorrectly renamed as JPGs after scaling.
When a combination of GIF, JPG and PNG files were being scaled the PNG files were incorrectly renamed as PNGs. It should be noted that this error did not result in the files being unusable since most image editing applications are capable of identifying the correct type from the file's contents. Never the less the issue has been resolved.
Refused to upload when image scaling was on but all the images are smaller than the max size
The applet would attempt to scale the images but finding that all the images are smaller than the height and width specified in the file an message would be displayed and the transfer would stop.

Changes in version 2.01

Feature Enhancements
Display number of images resized
The previous version did not display information about the number of images that have been processed. It was brought to our attention that when scaling a large number of files, some clients had the impression that the applet had crashed, when in fact it had not. The dialog box that appears while images are being processed had been modified to display the number of images that have been scaled to help overcome this issue.
Bug Fixes
Applet stops when resizing a large number of large images
When scaling a collection of large photos, version 2.00 of the applet was seen to halt on some client computers. This issue has been resolved in 2.01
When uploading images with other file types, some files were overlooked
With image resize option enabled and client side filtering switched off, when the user uploads a folder that contains both images and other files some files were being ignored. This issue has been resolved.
Documentation Change

In the previous version we recommended using the client side filtering option with the image resize feature. It has been brought to our attention that certain folders may contain a Thumbs.db file which does not match the allowed extensions, thus causing the upload to be rejected.

We still recommend using client side filtering, however we suggest the addition of 'db' as an allowed file type.

All New Rad Upload 2.0

Rad Upload 2 comes with numerous improvements over the previous versions. Rad Upload Plus has evolved into a advanced file upload system with many features including the ability to carry out 'on the fly image scaling'. Despite the changes the applets still load up almost instantly. The size of both the standard and lite editions are virtually unchanged. More details about the evolution of the drag and drop uploader follow.

Rad Upload Plus

Scale Images prior to upload
Client side filtering
Redirect after upload
Display Thumbnails
Customized error messages
Learn more about these new features.

Standard Edition

Upload Limit Increased to 100Mb
In 1.xx versions, the standard edition was limited to 5Mb. The default value is still 5Mb but you can use the max_upload parameter to define a higher limit up to 100Mb
Recursive Folder Upload
Recursive folder upload, a feature that used to be available in the Plus Edition but not in the standard edition has been added.

Lite Edition

Rad Upload Lite continues to be the light weight Java file upload applet that it used to be. It will continue to be free.

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