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Secure FTP Client - Change Notes For Older Versions.

These notes are for older releases, the most recent version of Rad SFTP is 2.02

Change Notes for Rad FTP 1.31

Feature Enhancements.
Cancel transfers before they even begin.

In previous versions of the applet, the progress indicator is displayed just as the actual data transfer begins. However the data transfer is preceded by a data gathering state which can be time consuming when several thousand files are to be uploaded or downloaded.

If such a transfer is to be aborted the user had to wait through the data gathering stage for the progress monitor to pop up and then click on the cancel button. Version 1.12 improves this behavior by displaying the progress indicator even during the data gathering stage so that the user has the option of cancelling the transfer at a much earlier stage.

Change Notes for Rad SFTP 1.30

Feature Enhancements.
Configuration dialog.

A new settings dialog to provide you with greater control over the behavior of the software has been added in version 1.10.

Some of the configurations changes that can be made using this dialog includes, setting the connection port and changing the date format.

Set background color using applet parameters

You can now make use of HTML to specify the background color of the applet, to better match the color scheme of your website. The syntax is as follows"

< param name="bgcolor" value="#eeeeee">

Replace the #eeeeee entry with your own background color. (This change does not apply for the stand alone client).

Drop in replacement for icons

The icons used with in the applet have been moved out to a separate file (sftpicons.zip). You can replace the icons with your own images to match other icons used on your website. Please make sure that the icons that you do use match the dimensions of the icons contained in this zip file. You do not need any knowledge of programming to make this change, which applies only to the SFTP applet.

Bug Fixes
'Focus Grab' by the progress monitor. (windows only)

The progress indicator would request focus when the filename being displayed changes. In other words when the software has uploaded/downloaded a file and moves on the next file the progress indicator would attempt to move itself above other visible windows.

Superfluous error message removed
The software responds to double click events by attempting to change directories. When the user double clicks on a local file (which is not a folder) an error message used to be displayed in older versions, and has been removed in this release.
Other Improvements
Thread Safety

The thread safe behaviour of the delete operation has been slightly improved.

Display of multiple roots (windows only)
In previous versions of the applet to switch between filesystems on different drives the path name had to be entered on the text box allocated for this purpose. In the current the disk drives are appended to the listing of files in the local folder to make it easier to switch between drives.

Change Notes for Rad SFTP 1.21

Bug Fixes
Superfluous dialog box on aborted login.

The same dialog box that pops up on authentication failures would appear in previous versions when the login process was cancelled by the user. This message no longer shows up when the authentication failure is purely because of user cancellation.

Other Improvements
Wait Cursor

When the applet is engaged in a task that cannot be interrupted the cursor will now change to the wait state. This change does not effect the functionality of the software but represents a usability enhancements.

This change only effects the current thread and other transfers in progress will be unaffected

CD UP represented differently
In another usability enhancement the parent directory of the current working directory and the local working directory is identified by a special icon. In previous versions all directories (subfolders and parent) were identified by the same icon.
Applet Size Shrinks
Version 1.21 is the third successive release of the Rad SFTP applet where the file size has been reduced. The applet is now just 128Kb and downloads and starts up faster than before

Change Notes for Rad SFTP 1.20

Feature Enhancements
Multi Tasking

It's now possible to carry out multiple uploads or downloads concurrently. While these file transfers are taking place you can perform other tasks such as changing permissions of files and folders.

As part of the the process of adding multi threading support, time out handling has also been improved.

File size now less than 130KB
We reduced the size of the applet from 145KB to 132 KB in moving from version 1.00 to 1.10. The new release see a further reduction in file size The applet now weighs in just under 129Kb. What's significant is that it has been achieved despite the addition of new features and justifies listing this item as a feature in it's own right.
Bug Fixes
File/Folder icon highlight fix

In previous versions the icon that is used to mark files and folders did not highlight on selection. In other words only the last three columns of the file list were being highlighted. This issue has now been fixed

Change Notes for Rad SFTP 1.10

Feature Enhancements
Applet size decreased by 13 kilobyes
Despite several feature enhancements and bug fixes we have managed to decrease the size of the secure FTP applet from 145 to 132 Kb. At 145 kilobyes version 1.00 was already only a fraction the size of other secure and non secure clients. This reduction is size leads to an even quicker start up than before.
File sorting

It is now possible to sort the list of files on both the remote and local lists in both ascending and descending order. Version 1.00 only supported ascending order. It is also possible to group directories and files separately.

To sort by different columns (name, size etc) click on the header for that field in the files list

Change Dir Usability Enhancement
You can change directories by pressing enter after typing in the newfile path in the two text boxes. In version 1.00 the change dir button had to be clicked to activate the directory change.
Login Screen Status Indicator

On most browsers version 1.00 just presented a blank screen when a connection was being established. In version 1.10 a dialog box pops up which also gives the option of cancelling the connection attempt. This dialog box helps the end user avoid any confusion about the connections state of the client.

Login Usability Enhancement
Another subtle usability enhancement in version 1.10 that pressing enter key after typing in the username activates the login process. In the previous release the connect button had to be clicked on to initiate login.
Bug Fixes
Client grays out connecting to remote server (visual effect only)

In version 1.00 when a new connection is being established the SFTP client may temporarily gray out or stops responding or appears sluggish. The client returns to normal when the password prompt appears but may gray out again until the authentication process completes.

The usability enhancement described above together with some enhancements to the code base has resulted in this issue being resolved in the current release.

Make dir when not connected on local filesystem failed
The dialog asking the user for the new directory name did not pop up when the user was not connected.
Change dir with relative paths when not connected failed
It is possible to manipulate local files and browse through folder even when not connected. However attempting to change directory by typing in a relative path into the input field failed in the previous release. This has been resolved.
Rename files by double click on filename
The filename field could be edited by clicking on it, however the changes that were made to the filename in this manner were not being carried out in the file system (either locally or on the server).
Rename from pop up menu failed when not connected
Similar to the error with the mkdir functionality, the dialog box for the new file name failed to appear for renaming localfiles when not logged into the sftp server
Sort by date innaccurate
When the file list contained files with large differences between their modification times certain entries did not occupy the expected position when sorted by date.
Error message for chmod,chown and chgrp even on successful execution
Attempts to change permissions, groups or ownerships of files or folders resulted in a error message being displayed though the instructions had been successfully carried out.
Other Improvements
Debug Information Cleaned up
Several Java StackTraces were left behind in the applet and could be seen by a user who examines the java console windows. This are harmless messages and they are not displayed during normal activity. It is only the users who explicitly open up the java console would have seen these messages. These messages have been removed in 1.10

Change notes for current versions


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