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I need a custom web application/desktop application developed can you do it??
Yes. We will gladly undertake your project provided that the project's scope falls within our area of expertise and we have resources at hand.
What are your hourly fees?

We do not have a preset hourly charge for each project. Generally we prefer not to work on an hourly basis. We prefer to study your requirement and quote for the completion of the entire job.

My project is rather large and complex can you handle it?

We can handle complex projects but not large projects. We have a small number of highly skilled people capable of solving almost any problem. However when it comes to implementation large projects typically require a large team.

Why should I assign my project to you?
One of the key benefits is that fact that we have a skilled team in South Asia. The cost of software development in this region is much lower than in other parts of the world such as Europe or North America.
Can I see some of your work?

Please see our portfolio of products. Most of them have been ground breaking applications. We can refer you to some of our clients as well.

How do I contact you?
You can either use the online form or email us to establish initial contact.


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