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Requirements for installation of the Rad Inks Print Suite


The minimum system requirements for your chosen servlet container should act as the baseline when choosing your hardware and operating system. The software itself takes up less than 5MB of diskspace, however you should have sufficient space available to save uploaded files. For example if you plan to serve 100 clients and each client will be allowed to upload upto 10MB of files you will need 1 GB of disk space to spare.

Operating System

The Rad Inks print suite can be installed on any operating system that supports the complete Java Virtual Machine. Linux, Windows 2000 and XP are popular examples.

Software Dependencies

A Java Virtual Machine and a Servlet container are required for the installation of the Print Suite. In addition to the above the software needs to connect to a Postgresql database. The database can be installed on the same physical computer as the Print Suite or can be installed on a separate server.


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