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Rad Inks is Source Available Software and not Open Source software.

This distinction allows you to integrate our software with your own components and not have to open up your source code.

Java Source Code for the Rad Inks Print Suite

Source code licenses are available for all of our products and the print suite is no different. The JSPs that make up the user interface for the software are included in source form in the standard download. In most cases you can make almost all modifications to the appearance the product by just editing these JSPs.

You need to obtain the source code license only if you wish to make modifications to the behavior of the product. Alternatively you may contract us to perform any modifications for you, and this option may be more economical for you.

The java source code is priced at $7499.00 per web site. This allows you to install the compiled product on on one website or computer only. If you need to install the print suite that you have compiled applet on multiple websites you can buy additional (binary code) licenses @ USD 1950.00 each (volume discounts are available). You can also ask for a royalty free redistribution license for the binaries.

Only one developer may work on the source code at a given moment. If you need to have more than one developer work on the code at the same time additional licenses can be provided for $500 each.

The source code for the print suite includes the source code for the card designer applet - which is available for sale separately as well.

You cannot redistribute the unmodified or modified source code. Finally we ask that you do not remove the copyright notice.



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