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Please read this page carefully and click the check out button towards the bottom of the page to place your order.

Create your own Web Based Printing Service with no license fees.

What we offer you is a complete solution, inclusive of system administration and maintenance.

The details ...

We will host and maintain an installation of the Rad Inks Print Suite for you. The key benefit for you in such a hosted solution is that you do not have to invest on software or hardware.

In other words you are 'renting' out the application instead of paying an upfront license fee. You save on site maintenance as well since our team takes care of it as well as keeping the software upto date.

The user interface of the site can be customized to match the rest of your website, the application can be hosted on a domain or subdomain of your choice (eg: )


Have you tried the free trial of the hosted solution?

So what does it cost? just $250.00 a month. If you prepay for three months the setup fee of $100 will be waived. The package includes the use of the software, hosting and up to 50GB of data transfer each month along with 10GB for storage.

Thus if you choose monthly billing with out the pre-pay option you will be charged $350 for your first bill and $250 per month there after.

If you choose the three months prepay option you will be charged $750 on your first bill. You will receive your second bill after a period of three months. From then on you will be charged at the rate of $250 per month.

Refund Policy

If you cancel your order within thirty days we will offer you a refund. Setup fees cannot be refunded. If you choose the three months prepay option and seek a refund, we will retain $100 as the setup costs and return the balance ($650).


Sign me up for one month.
Prepay for three months and waive the setup fee.
Rental for the for period (USD)
Setup Fee (USD)
Total (USD)


We do not store credit card information on our servers. You will be taken to our card service provider's website (Share-it) in the next step to complete the transaction. Once the credit card has been processed you will be returned to our site.


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