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Installation of the Rad Inks Print Suite is straight forward if you have the dependencies configured as required. This guide does not attempt to explain how a servlet container should be installed or how to configure your database server since they are covered elsewhere.

In order to carry out the installation you will need to have your receipt number at hand. This number is included in the email that you received when you placed your order with us. If you do not have this email please contact us and we will send this information to the address you provided when downloading.

If you have downloaded the evaluation version you will need your username and password instead of a reciept number.

installation step 1

In the first dialog that appears when you start up the installer please enter your receipt number as described above. In the field labeled 'Descriptive Name for your site' please enter something appropriate. Many users enter the full company name here and the shorter version of the company name for the Brief Name field. This information will be saved in the web application deployment descriptor. You can modify the data later by directly editing that file.

database setup

During the second step the system will ask you for the hostname or IP address of your database server. (Currently only the Postgres server is supported). you will also need to enter your username and password along with the 'catalogue name' or database name. If in doubt please contact your database administrator (DBA).

If you have previously installed Rad Inks please select the checkbox marked 'skip table creation' this will prevent the installer from attempting to recreate the database schema.

database setup

During the third step you will be asked to specify the Context Path for your installation of Rad Inks. This path name will be reflected in the full url for your installation of the print suite. For example if your website is at and you want the print suite to be accessible via you will need to set the context path as /print. If you enter '/' as the Context path the url for your installation will be

database setup

If your prefer not to do the installation yourself, we can perform the installation for you for a fee of $100.00

The installer will ask you where you want to save uploaded files. Please make sure that the path name you enter into this field is writable by the 'user who owns the servlet container process'. Your system administrator will be able to provide you with this information.

You will also be asked to enter the global quota settings. These values will be saved in a property file with in your web application folder and you can change these settings at anytime by editing that file.

You can override the default quota settings for individual users after installation by editing the user's profile via the admin interface. Finally you will need to open the file and make sure that the urls defined in it match your installation.

Contact us if you require any clarifications on the installation process.



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