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If you downloaded the alpha or beta versions of the card designer, you are entitled to a special discount on the curren version.

Release notes for more recent versions

These change notes are applicable for the older alpha and beta releases of the card designer applet. If you have not downloaded these pre release versions (which were made available free of charge) these notes may not be of interest to you.

Changes in the beta 2

New UI

The second beta release of the online business card design applet adds a third ready made user interface. This new addition is a menu driven UI which allows the user easy access to available features.

Image Import with Copy and Paste

With previous versions images that are to be used on the design had to be uploaded via the website's file upload system. The latest release has combined Rad Upload with the applet to provide a more convenient mechanism to import images.

Now all that a user needs to do is select an image from his hard disk copy it to the clip board with Ctrl-C and paste it onto the canvas with Ctrl-V

Changes in the beta 1

There have been two major improvements to the card designer and both of the deal with the customization of the User Interface of the applet


The icons have been moved out to a separate zip file. You can replace the icons in the zip file with your own images and the applet will be updated automatically. Please note that the sizes, paths and filenames of the new images should be exactly the same as the existing set of icons. You may need to clear the java plug-in's cache to see your changes.

User Interface Layout

The site currently hosts two demonstrations of the applet with very different User Interfaces. You can switch between the two by editing designer.properties file and changing the UI property.


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