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What is an application service?
What do you mean by a hosted solution?
When we speak of an application service what we mean is to install the software on a webserver and to allow you to make use of it.
With your application service provider model who owns the license to the software?
We own the license. We retain all rights to the software. You can think of it kind of like renting a house vs buying a house. The application service would be the equivalent of renting a house.
Can I get a free trial?
Yes. As the first step you can try out the online demonstration available for the product. Thereafter if you wish to try out the functionality of the admin module you can request a one week free trial. For this trial we set up a temporary online print shop for you, where you can try out all the features of the product.
Do you have a money back guarantee?

We will refund unused monthly rentals for the Application Service if you cancel your account with in thirty days and your bandwidth utilization is less than 50GB. However setup fees cannot be refunded and therefor we kindly ask that you make a full evaluation of the product using the free online trial.

When you pre-pay for three months the set up fee is waived. However if you cancel your account we will deduct $100 before making the refund.

Can I change the colors, icons and the appearance of the site

Yes. For the hosted solution we generally recommend that you contract us to carry out whatever modification that you require.

If you have a person in your team, who is familiar with HTML you can carry out the required changes yourself. Your designer may need to know a little bit of JSP technology in addition to HTML to change the appearance of the site.

Please note that if the application stops functioning due to an error that has been introduced during this customization process by your own staff we refuse to accept any responsibility what so ever.

If I use the hosted solution can I use my own domain name?
Absolutely. When you sign up for the application service we will ask you for this information. We recommend that the print suite be associated with a subdomain of your website. For example, while our websites domain name is radinks.com, our service could run on print.radinks.com. Similarly if you have a site that runs on example.com your printing service could be on printing.example.com and the fact that this is being hosted on our servers will be completely transparent to the end user.
The hosted solution, and the application service are they the same?
Absolutely, we use the terms interchangeably.
What happens if my bandwidth usage exceeds 50GB per month
You will be charged $1.00 for every extra Gega byte used.
What happens if there is a network problem?

While we will do our best to ensure the maximum possible uptime, network problems are sometimes beyond anyone's control. If your service becomes inaccessible to a network or server failure in our system we will refund the rental for the day on which the problem occurs provided the outage lasts for longer than two minutes.

If you are really concerned about network issues we encourage you to purchase a license of the print suite and install it on your own servers instead of using our application service.

Can you provide hosting for our website as well?
Our specialty is application services and not general web hosting.
How long does it take for set up?
If you do not require any customization, your web application will be activated in 5 business days. It may take longer if you need to customize the user interface or the functionality of the print suite.


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