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What is the Rad Inks MMS composer?
You can think of it as the browser based counterpart of the MMS composers found on most mobile phones. The difference of course is that you do not need an MMS enabled handset to create multimedia messages. The Rad Inks composer is a lot easier to use than the software you see on a mobile phone.
What are you selling?

Our offer is a hosted solution for websites and portals. We offer you the software, hardware and the human resources to manage it for a monthly fee. We do not sell licenses of the Rad Inks composer at this time.

Can the user interface be customized?

Yes. Please provide us with a screen shot of your UI design and we will customize the composer for you. Minor modifications such as color changes will be done free of charge. Additional work involving major changes will be carried out at rate of US$ 30.00 per hour.

How do you deliver messages?
Our default delivery mechanism is SMTP - the Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol. However Different telecom service providers have different attitudes toward interoperability and some operators may not accept messages over SMTP. In such cases we can offer you alternative delivery mechanisms.
Can I see a demo?

Please visit where you can see an online demonstration of the composer.

Is there a setup fee?
No. However the first month's payment ($149.00) should be made in advance.
How long does it take for set up?
If you do not require any customization to be carried out your composer can be set up in 3 business days. It may take longer if you need to customize the user interface or the functionality of the MMS composer.
How do I order?
You can use a the online order form, or contact our sales team.
I don't want a managed solution, can I buy a licence?
We plan to make a downloadable version of the software available in early December. please drop us a line and we will notify you when the release is made.


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