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What is Rad Inks?
Rad Inks is a startup software company located in Colombo, Sri Lanka in South Asia
Do you undertake Rapid Application Development?

Yes. RAD is usually an abbreviation for Rapid Application Development and at Rad Inks we are geared to build your application for you very quickly.

But we don't call ourselves Rad Inks just because we do Rapid Application Development. We call our selves Rad Inks because we do things differently.

Can I download trial versions of your products?
Some of our products are available as free downloads. These are not trial versions, and they do not expire. For some of the other products we do not provide free public downloads at this time. However you may contact our sales team and request to evaluate these products. Demonstrations of some of the products can now be accessed online as well.
Can I purchase your products online?

Yes. Presently three products are available for sale. These are Rad SFTP, and Rad Upload and Rad User Manager. The MMS composer is available as a server and you can place your order for it online. Other products will be made available as they are released.

Please see Ordering FAQ for more details.

Can you explain your license terms
Please see The License FAQ


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